SkorCo is dedicated to creating your first home or your dream home with the finest craftsman in the industry at the best price possible. SkorCo has access to top quality sub contractors from Duluth to the North Metro area all of which understand that less cost is not a substitute for less quality. We negotiate the best possible pricing in the industry for labor and materials so you don't have to. Our customers are always amazed at how much money we can save them when they build with us. SkorCo understands that our customer is looking for the best value and at the same time not less quality...we deliver this as our "standard", this is who we are and what we deliver.

SkorCo will finance the construction of your home and lot with their money at no additional cost to you! No interest payments, no extra closing costs or draw fees! You will need a preapproved end loan and a mutually agreed to earnest money deposit. For you readers whom have had a construction loan know what they are all about. No construction loan requirement gives our customers the flexibility to use low down Conventional, FHA or VA financing.

Price Guarantee: When you build with SkorCo your price is guaranteed. No surprises at closing! No excuses! The price changes only if YOU decide to change it!

We simply ask "if you are considering building, give us the opportunity to be a part of your experience!"